The Good Stuff
Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 5:33PM
Louise in JCP, ReCaps

So now that everyone is back from the holidays, all fat and happy, I can get back to the recap of the wedding. I can also include all the yummy JCP photos, now that everyone has gotten a little taste prior to Christmas!

The last real chronological recap was The First Look. Afterwards, we took all the family photos and more formal shots (minus The Cretin shot and boob shots). I showed you all the funny ones, now I'll show you the real deal!


 Love this one of us with my parents!


Smooches during the First Look!


My brother, The Candyman, Moi, Dad and Mom. How in the hell did I end up being the tallest person in my family?


Come on! How cute is the Flower Girl being all shy and stuff!?!


The Flower Girl and The Candyman, both are sweet like shuggah!


The Candyman with his brother and Best Man. OK, how hot are these yin/yang brothers?  Have I mentioned the brother is single, ladies?


Through the flowers.....*le sigh*


I LOVE THIS SHOT! Why? I love how The Candyman's hand is just resting on my back. It just makes me feel so good.


Holy Gorgeous Day!

Who can say my photographer rocked it hard? I can. I can't tell you how many compliments I've had on all the pics. So happy. So, so happy.

Next up? The ceremony. Wait for it....wait for it.....I know it's been, like forever since my wedding. But it's so worth it, right?


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