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Personal Propaganda Pontifications

I just love alliteration.

I returned to Hong Kong yesterday and was all excited to get my blog on! I had escaped the throes of Communist-run internet blockage and was all giddy about getting on-line. Alas, it had to wait as I had to work. I then had a nice long dinner with one of my vendors that included several glasses of wine.


Now, as all of you other bloggers out there I’m sure already know,you shouldn’t drink and blog. Just say no. I did not follow this advice and wrote a masterpiece. A MASTERPIECE! It involved all sorts of theories and tales of woe of my recent trek into mainland China.


And then I fell asleep at my computer.


When I woke up to take myself to bed, I got an error message when I tried to save my MASTERPIECE of a blog. It appeared to save and I stumbled the four feet to bed. Alas, this morning the only thing I have to show for my MASTERPIECE is a headache and a slightly queasy tummy.


The gist of my MASTERPIECE was this: all of China’s claims about Google are lies. The most innocuous of sites are blocked. For instance, The Thirty-Something Bride is blocked. It makes sense. I pose such a threat to the well-being of The People’s Republic of China. My blog is a complete impose to their national security, is ripe with political rhetoric and as you all know, I post regular links to all the hottest child-porn sites.


Their claims that they are not infringing on their people’s rights is a load of crap and they know it. The propaganda I read in the China Daily News last week was laughable. The sad thing is that when you live in a country that completely controls your access to information, twists the facts and creates events to promote its own value in the eyes of its citizens, it’s all that’s known and it is believed.


There was an article about three Chinese soldiers who were killed in Haiti. There was a HUGE parade to honor their deaths as well as the homecoming of their coffins. They had these giant posters both in the parade and held by on-lookers in the parade. What I found odd was that there were hundreds, if not a thousand on-lookers. Where did they get these posters? Why were all the on-lookers really old or really young? The paper said that the sacrifice made by these soldiers was revered the world over and showed China as a leader in relief efforts to Haiti.


Hm. Really? Here are my questions:

  1. How did they die? In the earthquake itself? I haven’t heard of many folks dying in the relief effort. Have you?
  2. Do only old people and children attend parades?
  3. Did all the spectators make a run to Kinko’s to get the SAME posters?
  4. Did these spectators (whose average salary is a few hundred dollars a month) get time off during the work week to attend this parade?
  5. Would you want to take your child to a death parade?

It’s all fake, folks. The parade was real, but the spectators were told to be there. They were told to hold signs and cheer their dead countrymen. It’s all just creepy-creepy propaganda.


I am just so happy to live in a country that allows me to think freely, write freely and express myself in ways that other countries forbid of their citizens, especially their women-folk.


On a funnier note, I met a woman who had just graduated from college and I was the first round-eye she had ever met. Her English was really good, much better than my Mandarin, that’s for sure. She told me that she had a favorite American movie that she watched to learn English. She said it was called “Go Slip Go.” I don’t know if this was the Chinese name or what, but that’s what it sounded like. She said it had 5 American women in it that lived in really big houses. Hm? I wracked my brain and could think of nothing. She whipped out her little movie-watcher thingy from her purse and started the “movie.” It was “Desperate Housewives.” The Great Westernization of China begins with Terri Hatcher. So sad.


I come home on Monday and I promise to write more pretty things more fitting of a wedding obsessed bridal blogger. I miss my place in the world!

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Reader Comments (3)

Gary and I had a similar experience in Russia in the eighties. Average folks believed all the propaganda pumped to them by their government. Brochures in airports, TV - what there was of it. newspapers. Awful. I suspect we have some spin, but not the kind some countries have.

January 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFlo

So sad especially for the people. I had a classmate in grad school from China who challenged Western news sources and said perhaps the non-Chinese sources were all wrong. She also said the Dalai Lama was a terrorist.

January 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChic 'n Cheap Living

I can't even IMAGINE what that would be like. I, too, am so thankful to live in a country where I can think for myself and express my own thoughts. I'm glad you're back! I always look forward to your posts! :)

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