Big Big Present
Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 8:39AM
Louise in International Weddings

I was planning on posting a blog about how much I hate China -the cold, the dirty, my total jet-lag exhaustion after a 12 hour work day, having woken at 2:30am with the total inability to fall back asleep. I was going to talk about how much I hate the wait staff at this hotel. Why? Here's the deal: I do not like corn. Their house salad has a ton of corn on it. I asked the waitress for no corn. I got a blank stare. I do not know how to say "corn" in Mandarin. I do know how to say "I don't want" and I know how to say "little" and I know how to say "yellow." I don't know the word for corn. I have asked for the word "corn" in Mandarin and have been taught. I cannot remember it to save my life. I've written it down and yet, I still can't remember how to correctly pronounce it. So I point and try to ask for my salad with "no little yellow." Blank stare and she walks away. About 4 seconds later a young man approaches me and in quite plain English asks my request. I tell him about my corn abhorrence. He smiles and says, "no problem" and repeats my request back to me. I'm going to bet you can guess what happened. I basically got a corn salad. I'm wondering if it was purposeful.

But I have decided that I would not write a nasty blog about hating where I am. Why? Because I received the below email from one of my Chinese vendors upon arrival back to my hotel this evening. Try as I might, I simply could not hold onto my sour mood.

Hello Louise,
I hope you have a woderful day in China today!
I will come to pick you up from Park View at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow!
Casa Collections is promoting a Wedding Chapter Program recently, this program is inviting all the best and True Love Wedding Pictures from the whole world! This reminds me you are one of the Best in this program, please please resend me the wedding pictures again! I am sorry I lost all the emails due to overload of the in box of email!
For the Winners of this program, will receive a Big Big Present from our company and will be the Star to Represent Casa Collections. Attached is my colleage Mr. Mawson Ding's wedding pictures, he is also invited to this program, if possible, please send me again your wedding pictures by tonight! It's our honour to have you in this program, you are very possible to be the Winner of this worldwide program.
Thank you and good luck! See you tomorrow!

Here are Mr. Mawson Ding's lovely photos.


This one is titled "A New Life."

"The Garden of Eden"

"Oriental Beauty"


My personal favorite, "Sweet Mawson."

Please forgive me for the short post, but I need to go enter the worldwide program so that I may win the big big present. Wish me luck!!


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