Things To Do When Jet-Lag Sets In 
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 4:38PM
Louise in International

1. Try to sleep. You will fail.

2. Watch a little Hong Kong TV and note that the show According to Jim blows.

3. Finish your book Still Alice about a woman living with Alzheimer's disease. Cry a little at the end.

4. Realize you're starving and eat a Kashi bar stashed in your suitcase for moments just like this. Note you are prepared. Note that you are not prepared enough to remember packing a belt to keep your damn pants on.

5. Lay in the dark and answer work emails on your Blackberry. Make everyone at work think you are a crazy, workaholic when really, you're an insomniac, jet-lagged freak.

6. Toss and turn for another 20 minutes.

7. Try the TV again. Note that American Idol is coming on tonight, even in Hong Kong. Wonder if it will be on in China too, since you'll be there tonight. Send a word of thanks to the DVR god (aka The Candyman) for making sure I don't miss a flipping moment of the world's guiltiest pleasure.

8. Watch a show about harvesting seaweed in Japan. Enjoy the English overlay with the actual people speaking Japanese underneath the super-imposed audio. Note the male voice. Is English his first language? If so, his script reading is abominable. See. Spot. See. Spot. Run. 

9. Consider a game of Bubble Words on Facebook. Remember your connection is slow and it will just frustrate you when your score sucks. 

10. Consider an inane blog-post about the last three hours of sleeplessness in your hotel room in Hong Kong. Go with that.

11. Decide coffee and a visit to the gym can't make things any worse.



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