La-la-loving Rue La La!
Monday, September 7, 2009 at 3:21PM
Louise in Dresses, Rehearsal Gathering

Oh. My. God. Can I tell you how much I love this freaking dress? It's Nicole Miller and it's on RueLaLa for another day. I think I want it, but it's $199, which is a little bit more than The Thirty-Something Bride can blow these days. Like $100 more. :( Wedding saving sucks. But, it's almost over! Yeehaw! However, I do "need" a rehearsal dress. I mean, I probably don't "need' something this major, but with some casual sandals and jewelry, I could pass it off, right? Of course, I'd have to go buy the casual sandals and jewelry. *Le sigh.*

Thoughts from the blog-o-sphere please? Do I keep looking or blow the cash? I think I need to ponder this one for a bit. Sharon and Jonathon Campbell are coming over for wine drinking and food munching tonight so I'll ask her what she thinks too. I just adore this dress.
Butt-ruching always makes me look like I have an ass. I have what a friend in college calls a "Shoop Ass." What's a "Shoop Ass" you say? Let me tell you. When you don't have a "Shoop Ass" and a man places his hand on the small of your back and passes it down over the booty, there's stuff that gets in the hand's way. If you have a flat booty like me and a guy (or girl, whatever blows your skirt) does the same thing, the hand goes "SHOOP" and falls straight down. That, my friends, its a "Shoop Ass." Feel free to share this phenomenon with others.

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