The Rehearsal Gathering Ensemble
Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 12:31PM
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I am sitting here swigging Acai berry juice, after a teaspoon of local honey with a bag of Riccola at the ready. Two weeks before the wedding and I have lost my voice. Excellent. It's because of all the damn rain we've had. It's growing mold spores all over the trees and I'm really allergic to that crap. The Mucinex pumping through my veins is keeping my sinuses from exploding through my face, but nothing is helping the throat. I'm trying to convince myself that freakish berry juices sighting nutrients and antioxidants will help whatever free radicals are assaulting my face. At any rate, the wedding must go on and I'm bucking up to get the last bits and pieces done.

I have decided upon the Rehearsal Gathering Ensemble. I went shopping with the ladies 2 weekends ago and bought the RGE, but just wasn't quite sure. I went out last weekend on a total power shopping extravaganza and came up empty handed.

Just one more time I am going to bitch about my body. Everyone says that manufacturers make clothes for tall, thin people. Bullshit is what I have to say to that. I'm tall (5'10") and relatively thin. I wear a street size 6 or 4. My thighs are kinda gross and I blame my mother for that. She'll take the heat though, because she knows my pain. At any rate, since I am Thirty-Something, I don't particularly care to show my knees. I just don't think it should be done and I don't like my knees anyway, so there you go. I challenge you to find a dress that covers the knees that isn't an empire waist maxi-dress or baby-doll style. It also needs to be long enough to fit my freakishly long waisted-ness. I probably tried on 100 dresses last weekend. Seriously. I didn't even care how much they were. I tried on a $3000 Alexander McQueen dress, just to see how couture would fit me. Ha. It fit just as poorly as the cheap stuff from Old Navy, but with way better fabric. So, that being said and done, I stuck with the original RGE. Why was I looking for something else if I already had an ensemble? I just really wanted to wear something other than black.

I got this little Karen Kane number at Belks. The back definitely is representative of the outfit, but the front is not at all. It looks WAY different on me than this picture. This looks like a tank top style, but it's not. It's more like a cowl front, so it's drape-y up top and at the waist. My shoulders are way more broad and I have way less boob and I'm way taller than this model so it looks way different. Like, way.


Much to The Thirty-Something Bride's chagrin, the jumpsuit was not on ANY kind of sale. Massive bummer, but hey, I'm getting married. And I will wear this again. Besides, I got massive deals on all the accessories! I got these Gianni Bini sandals on sale at Dillard's for less than $25 - with tax!

And then I got these cute little matching gun-metal colored accessories at Forever Love, the accessories-only store of Forever 21, so you know it was freakin' CHEAP!


I also had to invest in some new Spanx because jersey knit and my butt are not a match made in heaven. No one needs to see that kind of jiggle. Overall, I think it's going to be cute. I just was really hoping for something super cute and not black. Oh well. C'est la vivre. I also bought a cute dip-dyed maxi dress at Off 5th. Maybe I'll post about that tomorrow. I need to gets some pics up!

17 days - just so you know.

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