Wildflowers Ain't Just for Bouquets!
Wednesday, August 5, 2009 at 9:22AM
Louise in Table Settings

I love me some GetMarried.com. I really do. Today they were talking about tablescapes and Chivari chairs and all the fancy stuff that just isn't going to be happening at my wedding! The article linked up to a fabulous linen rental company called Wildflower Linen. Holy cow! Amazing stuff! They have a blog too!

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Love the little frog closures!

Gorgeous seaside theme!

My personal favorite. If money weren't an object, I'd go for this setting. I'm going to try to get close though! I've got some chargers coming in from India that I ordered when I was overseas. I hope they will help create a pretty setting. While not a drop-dead gorgeous as this, it will be my own version of fabulousity!
You have got to check this website out if you aren't familiar already. LOTS of ideas just came flooding in! I swear, the closer I get to my wedding, the less I should read. I keep getting all these "extra" ideas that are just exhausting me. Sadly, I'm hooked. Is there some sort of methadone clinic for wedding addictions? I need an intervention!
What's your dream tablescape? Do you have one? Are you winging it?

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