Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 2:05PM
Louise in Rehearsal Gathering


OK, I'm going to post a survey on the blog as soon as I'm done writing this. I have a sort of etiquette question for the bridal blog-o-sphere. Non-brides can vote too, you are not excluded from all things etiquette-related!

OK, so The Candyman and The Thirty-Something Bride are having a small-ish wedding. The people we have invited are our closest friends and family and most are from out of state. There are a lot of local folks here who I would love to invite, but we simply cannot afford to have a larger wedding. We had to cut a lot of people out who we like to hang out with. That pretty much sucked.

I was thinking that instead of inviting them to the wedding, that we could invite them to what we are calling The Rehearsal Gathering. I've totally invited my photographer Jonathon and his wife Sharon, because they rock. I've also invited Liza, The Unabridged Bride bridal coach and her husband because they too, rock. I'd love to invite some work people. The Gathering is at Aloft Hotel. It's a cash bar. Basically, we just want people to come hang out so we can all mingle and talk before The Big Show. 99.9% of the people I would ask to come know that we are on a serious wedding budget and/or we've met through the wedding planning process and/or who are co-workers. All that being said:

1. Is it just incredibly tacky to do that?
2. I want to make sure that if I invite these people that they know it's not because we are looking for some sort of gift. We are so blessed that we need nothing but each other!
3. If I do invite, I was thinking a verbal and casual "come join us" would suffice. I wouldn't want to send any sort of invitation just in case they thought a gift would be required. Heck, I was just going to send a few emails. The Candyman started a new job in June, so I thought he might want to invite his new boss or something. I haven't even spoken to The Candyman about this yet!
4. In total, it would be around 15 people I'd invite, not counting who I mentioned above - because I've already invited them and they know the deal-io.

So, go up and vote and/or tell me what you think. I know Emily Post is probably turning over in her grave at the mere thought of this, but truth be told, Emily Post is DEAD.

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