It's All Coming Together....
Monday, August 17, 2009 at 7:50AM
Louise in Table Settings

Where should I start?

It's interesting....everything is starting to come together. I just hope it comes together in the same way as it looks in my head. Maybe I need to do my own inspiration board! Actually, that's not a bad idea.....

So I've got a few things I need to blog about:

I think I'm going to start with table settings. The vision in my head is one of casual elegance. Simple and elegant. Nothing over the top, but simple things pulled together well. This is actually part of my daily job as a product developer, but it's so much harder when it's for myself. I mean, I'm about to drop close to 3 million dollars on my 2010 line and I don't blink. However, I can sit and ponder my glass bud vases for hours and still not be sure!

So here's where we're at. As you already know, I ordered my bud vases from Crate & Barrel as they were massively on sale. I also got some $.99 bud vases from Target and $.79 bud vases from Ikea.

Here's all the glassware I have. Hopefully, it will be plenty. The Candyman was not clear on why I needed to unpack it all, just to pack it back up again. However, I'm highly visual and just needed to SEE it.

I already chose my linens from Mere Bulles and I chose a sandalwood colored tablecloth with ivory underlay and ivory napkins. We are actually going to have a mixture of long tables intermingled with round ones. Here's what the colors look like:

So when I was overseas, I got together with one of my Indian vendors and ordered chargers and cake plates from some open stock he had on hand and I just chose a finish for him to work with. The chargers and cake plates came in last week. Here's what they look like.

Hello to 80 chargers! I actually had ordered 90, but he sent me 80. Hm. Can't look a major-deal-gift-horse in the mouth, so I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that it's enough!

And then I ordered 4 large cake plates for our cake buffet. As of last week, I also ordered another small, 6" cake for the one we will cut. That has it's own smaller cake stand in the same finish (I just don't have a really good pic of it).

We won't use the glass domes because they are too small for the heights of our cakes.

So the tables will have the sandalwood and ivory linens, the chocolate brown chargers with ivory napkins on top. We're going to tuck the menu in the napkin (it's ivory with brown trim) and place the chocolate brown/ivory boxed favors on top of the napkin. The centerpieces will be a variety of glass bud vases with a variety of ivory colored flowers (meeting with the florist this weekend!) and votives. I hope it all comes together! I'm getting pretty excited!

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