License to Wed
Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 4:16PM
Louise in Marriage Prep

Yeah, I know it's totally gay (as in lame, nothing against our homosexual friends) to chronicle our lives on a blog, but hey, getting married for the first time is pretty exciting. You get to go sign official certificates and stuff. This part is truly fun for The Candyman. He's a lawyer and all and digs stuff like this. Plus, I think he likes to flirt with the ladies at the County Clerk's office!

Ah, The Candyman at The County Clerk's Office. Can I PLEASE have his weather on our wedding day? Thank you.

Two things: this outfit is way cuter in person and I will not ever be wearing that lipstick color again.

It's this way folks. I find it slightly ironic that you head in the same direction for both the marriage license and business tax departments.

I totally embarrassed The Candyman here! And is it just me, or does my arm look like it's the size of a ham hock?

First the groom signs.....

And then the bride!

Ta da! And $40 later, we're registered to be married! Just like that!

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