{DIY Christmas Wreath} Keepin' it Cheap!
Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 9:00AM

OK, so it’s that time of year again. Have you gone into the scary attic/basement and pulled out the boxes with the ornaments and the tree skirt and the little Santa knick-knacks you’ve collected over the years? No? Best get on it. Christmas will be like yesterday already before you know it.

So last year I made some front door swag décor on the way cheap. It cost me ZERO dollars because I already had the majority of the supplies on hand. If you made yourself that front door swag? Well, you’ve got most of the goods you need. All you have to do is go buy a metal wreath frame from Hobby Lobby (or your closest craft store) for $4.99 and you’re set. Go online and print out their daily 40% off coupon and DUDE, so cheap! Oh, and I learned that if you forget the coupon, you can pull it up on your phone and just read off the coupon code to them. Awesome, right?

Last year, I used the branches we cut off the bottom of our tree as the swag. I remembered this when I got our tree this year so asked the Christmas Tree Man if I could have the ones he cut off. He encouraged me to help myself to the growing pile of them behind his little Christmas Tree Shed. SCORE! When I went behind his little shed, I saw a ton of little pine disks that he’d cut off the bottoms of other trees. I asked if I could have those as well. He cut up some extra for me from a little trunk that was lying all lonely and abandoned. He was a very sweet Christmas Tree Man.

wood discs

I have no idea what I’m going to do with the disks, but it seemed like the right thing to pick up, what with me being the occasional crafty sort and all. If you’re thinking of a rustic-y type wedding, now is the time to go a-collecting.

Some facts about this little project:

So here’s how you do it:

Supplies Needed


1. Metal Wreath Frame: I got the biggest size because they were out of the next size down, which is what I would have preferred. I didn’t want to run all over town looking for it though, nor did I want to wait until Friday when Hobby Lobby’s restocks their shelves. So there you go.

2. Garden Shears: Or just some big-ass scissors that can cut through small branches and floral wire.

3. Floral Wire: You need a bit of this so go ahead and commit to the biggest spool out there. Mine was from last year too.

4. Floral Tape: Skip it unless you want the back of your wreath to be all pretty. Even then, I’d say skip it. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t need it until mid-process.

5. Branches, plus any decoration stuffs you want to add to your wreath: bows, balls, ornaments…whatevs. You’ll need about 5-6 really full sized branches for a wreath this big. Less for smaller wreaths, naturally.

Step 1

floral wire

Cut a lot more than this.

Step 2



Step 3



Step 4


Step 5

Step 6 (optional)

Step 7

I made the bow with old ribbon and a stapler. Seriously. Piece-o-cake.

The awesome thing about this wreath is that after the holidays are over, all I have to do is snip the wires on the back and chuck the pine bundles. SAVE THE WREATH FRAME because then you can do this again next year for even cheaper.

I think for $5 less the 40% off coupon, plus the rush of stealing from my neighbor made this a worthwhile endeavor. Be prepared for retribution if you do decide to steal from your neighbors. Karma is a bitch.

How about you? Thoughts on the DIY activity here, thievery notwithstanding? I think it’s a bad-ass wreath.

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